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Tecstage invests in the Global Truss arch roof

Tecstage invests in the Global Truss arch roof

Tecstage GmbH and Co. KG. from Freiburg is investing in an 8 x 6 meter arch roof from Global Truss after purchasing four F34 SmartPA Towers in 2020. The new Global Truss Smart PA-Tower is easy to set up and is perfect for small and middle sized outdoor applications. Based on the Multi- Tower-Basement the tower can be built with standard trussing like the F34 or F34P series. Only the return sheave for the top-section is needed. Therefore unnecessary special parts in stock are avoided. The outrigger on the top can be made with a 50 cm or 75 cm piece. The outriggers of the basement can be attached in two different directions. The self-weight of the PA system can be calculated as live load. The ballasting is therefore affected by the hung load. The minimum ballast is 40/60 kg. Markus Müller, Managing Director of Tecstage: “We decided in 2019 to invest into the Smart PA Tower from Global Truss. Unfortunately, the Corona crisis came and we were not able to use the tower in 2020. We used them the first time in 2021 for the city anniversary of Freiburg : "Freiburg 900 years young". " In 2021 Tecstage decided to invest also in the Global Truss round arch roof with a span of 8x6 meter. This roof is also built with many standard elements and offers a great flexibility. The stage can be set up either as an 8 x 6 meter or 6 x 4 meter variant. The front corners are providing a load bearing point for PA systems up to 250kg. In general, loads of up to 1,400 kg can be brought in. All arch parts are equipped with a piping rail, which enables the roof canopy to be inserted easily. The side panels are made of gauze, have a total of four door cut-outs and can be safely removed from below in the case of a storm. “The simplicity, the design and the high load capacity, also with the possibility to mount LED screens, convinced us directly. The multifunctionality of building a stage with a 6x4m covered area, if required, is ingenious. In the end, we were also convinced that neither wire rope bonds nor corner brakes are needed for stiffening, ”says Markus Müller.   The large Global Truss customer network helps Tecstage at short notice.   Niklas Adler, Technical Sales at Global Truss: "The time window between the purchase of the roof and the first event was very short, so that unfortunately not all parts could be delivered on time." But here, too, the Global Truss Team helped through their large customer network. “Thanks to the large customer network of Global Truss, the missing special parts could be rented and we could still set up the stage on time. Global Truss also provided us with perfect support during the initial setup ”adds Markus Müller.

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