U-Frame 50

ArtNr.: UFRAME50

  • module interior width: 50 cm
  • modular System for suspended lights
  • point load of max. 95 kg
  • functional security fasteners on both sides
  • incl. 2 connectors and pin
166,00 €

incl. VAT, plus transport costs

With U-Frame 50 and U-Top 50 Global Truss offers now a highly flexible and completely modular solution for suspended lights. The lightweight system enables a theoretically infinite configuration of single and double suspension as well as ladder systems for various lights - both suspended and upright mounted.
A combination of the two modules can carry a point load of max. 95 kg. By the functional security fasteners of each side of the U-Frame diverse types of lights can be mounted. For ladder configurations up to 10 U-Frame-50 / U-Top-50 combinations can be mounted one below the other, without further rigging actions.
The suspension can be made by the supplied ring eyes or with swivel couplers.
U-Frame and U-Top were developed by Global Truss for quick and easyto- use application in a variety of event environments.
U-Frame 50 and U-Top 50 are available as standard in silver and black. Other colors on request.


Colour Aluminum
Material Al EN AW-6082 T6

main pipe

Diameter main pipe 50 mm
Wall thickness main pipe 3 mm


Dimensions (L/W/H) 800 x 615 x 110 mm
Weight 3,95 kg

Shipping data

Dimensions (L/B/H) 800 x 615 x 110 mm
Weight 4,40 kg
PU 1
EAN 4042659050339

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