F34 Sleeve with Steel Inlets

ArtNr.: F34S-SI

2.556,00 €

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The sleeve CA-3 is a new generation of sleeve blocks which has been specially developed for roof constructions. For the first time it is possible to mount the truss on different spots. This is especially an advantage when building roofs or stands because there are no more edges. The fittings can be applied centrally, left or right justified. For weight reasons a new production method was developed: within the aluminum sleeve there are on all relevant static points screwed together steel inlets with fixing points for the fittings. It is now possible to create a product with the features of a steel sleeve and the weight of an aluminum sleeve. The permitted load when choosing the most unfavorable location of the top chord is P = 1450 kg. In some cased (if connected on two, three or four sides) the permitted total load which has be lifted can be increased (e.g. if equally loaded on four sides up to 3360 kg)

Shipping data

Dimensions (L/B/H) 540 x 540 x 290 mm
Weight 33,65 kg
EAN 4042659000310