F34 Smart PA Tower

ArtNr.: GT-F34SPA

  • 4,95m height PA Tower with F34 truss
  • 300 kg load capacity
  • Including proof of stability
  • No construction booklet needed
6.459,00 €

incl. VAT, plus transport costs

The new Global Truss Smart PA-Tower is easy to set up and is perfect for small and middle sized outdoor applications. Based on the Multi- Tower-Basement the tower can be built with standard trussing like the F34 or F34P series. Only the return sheave for the top-section is needed. Therefore unnecessary special parts in stock are avoided.
The outrigger on the top can be made with a 50 cm or 75 cm piece. The outriggers of the basement can be attached in two different directions.
The self-weight of the PA system can be calculated as live load. The ballasting is therefore affected by the hung load. The minimum ballast is 40/60 kg.
  • Load capacity: 300 kg
  • Maxmimum wind load: 1,5 m²
  • Height: 4,95 m
  • Including proof of stability
  • No construction booklet needed
  • F34 truss system
  • 2 versions for the basement outrigger

Shipping data

EAN 4251665204388

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