GT-LK44 construction for LED Panels

ArtNr.: GT-LK44

  • Depth: 5,00m
  • Width: 5,80m
  • Height: 8,80 m
  • Load capacity: 800kg LED screen, 2x200kg PA systems
  • Assembly time: 4 persons approx. 2 hours
on request
For the installation of your LED screen you need in outdoor areas usually a truss construction. As these are mobile constructions, you will need permission under building law.
Global Truss is offering a prefabricated structure made of F44 truss including construction record for these purposes. The ground construction has the measurements 5800mm x 4800mm and can easily carry LED screens up to a width of 6m. Furthermore outriggers for PA systems can be attached, that also can be used as holding devices for banners. To make the construction profitable for rental business the construction uses many standard parts of the F44 system. Thanks to the intelligent design the LED screen can easily be placed and fixed at wind force 8. Below the LED screen, the structure can be completely covered with banners.
The construction is designed for LED screens up to 800kg and the suspension points are designed for PA systems up to 200kg per side.

Shipping data

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EAN 4251665073793